The Society of Seven and the Door of Worlds

A Library. A Monocle. A Secret that Can Doom the World…or Save It.

Eleven-year-old Alby Downing is a boy afraid of his own shadow, a boy who prefers the company of books to the company of other people. Violet Lavendel is a girl afraid of nothing, a girl who always speaks her mind. When this odd couple discovers that their little town’s librarian harbors a magical secret, they become embroiled in a war spanning multiple worlds.

Pursued by a vicious cabal of sorcerers, Alby and Violet must stay a step ahead of the Society of Seven and their armies to prevent the fabled Door of Worlds from falling into their hands. On a journey through perilous worlds filled with enchanted wonders and mechanical terrors, they begin to unravel the dangerous secrets of the Society of Seven and their part in it, secrets that will shatter their lives and determine the fate of their world and countless others.