What is the Society of Seven?

Created in the 1950s by archaeologist and occultist John Ossian and a wheelchair-bound magician known only as the Crippled King, the Society of Seven is a secret organization of seven sorcerers who practice a type of mathematical magic that they call Thaumaturgy. Based in part on principles originating in ancient Egypt and Greece and studied by the English magician John Dee in the 16th Century, the Society learned to harness the forces of the universe in seemingly miraculous ways.

elementsWith the aid of the Door of Worlds, the Society traveled to other worlds and set about methodically conquering them and establishing themselves as kings and queens of seven worlds (one for each of its members to rule). Each world was considered the private fiefdom of its ruling member, who governed their world as they saw fit. A falling out occurred between its members on whether or not to return to Earth and conquer it as well, with the majority favoring conquering the Earth and more worlds after it.

While the Crippled King lived, his power and authority prevented the other members of the Society from returning to Earth or conquering additional worlds. Though perhaps the most powerful sorcerer ever, the Crippled King’s untimely death left a power vacuum quickly filled by the more belligerent members of the society, led by the sorceress known as the Queen of Sighs. However, their plans to invade and conquer the Earth were derailed when Ossian fled his world with the Door of Worlds, returning to Earth to live in obscurity as a librarian in a small town.

Door of WorldsWhat is the Door of Worlds?

A powerful magical artifact of unknown origin, the Door of Worlds is capable of tearing holes in the universe, allowing its user to create a portal from one place to another anywhere they choose. Though unstable and semi-stable wormholes of this type occur naturally from time-to-time and can be mathematically predicted, their infrequency, limited duration, and size make them of limited practical use. The Door of Worlds can create a stable portal of any size and duration to anywhere on demand, allowing individuals or whole armies to move between locations instantaneously.